HealthKeeper 1.1

A software which keeps track of your mind, body and state of mind
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This program is useful for those who spend a lot of time working on PC.


- Adjustable lengths of work and rest periods
- Smart time control based on user idle (if keyboard and mouse are idle more than rest period length then this time counts as the rest and new working period starts when user returns to PC)
- Program can turn off monitor for rest period and automatically turn it on after
- Block keyboard and mouse for rest period (user can unblock computer by pressing Ctrl Alt Del)
- Disabling of previous Ctrl Alt Del unblock (actually this option just locks the computer every second so even if you unblock it with ctrl alt del it will be immediately locked before you can even end task in task manager – only reset will help. This option is for the most undisciplined users).
- Option to add 5 more minutes to work period if you have something urgent to finish. The program asks you once one minute before the end of the work period.
- On screen display (in adjustable colors and level of transparency) that shows remaining time until next rest
- Graphical indication in tray icon how much of work period is over already
- Lock workstation when rest period starts
- Stores setting in system registry individually for every user of PC

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